Monday, June 30, 2008

Splash Pad - Photo a Day, June 30th

Today was the first "official" day of summer vacation. I say this because the children always finish school on a Wednesday, so the last two days of that week are what I call "free pass" days. That means they get to do whatever they want to do: They can slack off, sleep in, watch all the TV and play all the video games they want. Basically it's their time to just "chill" from a long year at school.

So today they had things to do: get up, get dressed, make your bed and do a small chore. Small chores are things like recycling, putting away a few toys, emptying the dishwasher...that sort of thing.

Today, I handed out BIG chores. Big chores are big the playroom (it almost always has toys on the floor), tidying up a bedroom, purging items no longer wanted/needed from a book case...that sort of thing.

Today, the big chore for the boys was the playroom. I made "signs" on three pieces of paper: Put away (and NOT on the floor), Give away (things they no longer played with), Throw away (dollar store junk, broken toys that can't be repaired).

The reward for all their hard work was a trip to the splash pad. I didn't realize that it really wasn't all that warm today, but that didn't stop them. It was only about 21 degrees Celsius (that's around 70 degrees for my American friends), but they didn't seem to mind and we even made a trip to McDonald's for McFlurry's afterward.

Here's the pair of them having a blast making sure all the "fountains" in the splash pad are doing their thing:

(you have to either run by or touch some spots on the wall to activate the "fountains").

They did change into warm clothes when we got home - LOL!

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