Friday, June 6, 2008

Favourite Season - Photo a Day, June 6th

I used to think that fall was my favourite season. I've changed my mind. I have a new favourite season. It's called "Farmers Market". "Farmers Market" is the season that starts on the first Friday in June and ends on the last Sunday in October.

Today marks the beginning of "Farmers Market" and I am just absolutely thrilled! The produce (for the most part) is locally grown which is good considering the price of gas lately because if it's locally grown it doesn't have to be trucked in with a fuel surcharge added to a head of broccoli. A few weeks ago at Superstore the managers "special" was broccoli - $2.49/head thank you. I think not! So, I couldn't wait for "Farmers Market" season to start.

Jonathan and I went up to the mall after he was done school. The market is located in the north west parking lot of our local mall, so it's not hard to get to. Not much to spend on gas either as it's only about 3 km away.

We picked out some gorgeous looking strawberries (everberries - ones that bloom early and stay later - are already in season - YUM!), some asparagus (I wish asparagus season was longer!), some mushrooms, some cucumber, some tomatoes and even some farm fresh eggs. He loves checking out all the produce and the various other goodies the vendors have up for sale (honey, pies, bagels).

We didn't spend much time as it is STINKIN' HOT out today - with the humidity factored in, it's 41 degrees Celcius; that's 106 degrees Fahrenheit for my American friends. So umm...yeah...HOT!

Here is little man checking out some sample tomatoes. Of course he had to pick it up and ask me what it was. When I told him it was a yellow tomato, he promptly put it back down and I found myself eating a piece of yellow tomato. Not bad...tastes just like a regular red tomato!

Tomorrow's photo will likely have something to do with the Bread and Honey Festival that we'll be attending in nearby Streetsville.

Hope you have a STELLAR weekend! Thanks for stopping by!

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