Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shark Boy and...well...Shark Boy - Photo a Day, June 7th

O.K., as's pics are from the Bread and Honey Festival.

Before the start of the parade, we spied a clown that was doing some face painting across the main street. Lauren went across to find out the cost of the painting and it turns out the clown was being sponsored by the TD Bank, so all the painting he was doing was free! SWEET!

Lauren got some flowers painted on her arm and Jonathan went across to join her. He wasn't sure what he wanted so the clown asked him if it could be a surprise. He ended up with this SUPER CUTE shark and every time he opened his mouth so did the shark - LOL! SO CUTE! So, Colin and I went across the street next and had some of our own painting done. I got some flowers on my arm and since Colin really liked Jonathan's shark, he got the same one. They both looked so adorable sitting there opening and closing their mouths. LOVED IT!

The weather cooperated and the sun shone all day long. Unfortunately, I missed a few spots with the sunblock and got some NASTY burns on my upper back. Scott has been good enough to be spreading the aloe gel on the burns whenever I ask. Thank goodness for such an amazing hubby!

The kids had a great time! There was a pirate on the kids stage that caught Colin's fancy. At the end of the show, he shot off a "canon" and the kids were able to collect some plastic coins as souvenirs (something for the scrapbook). Colin also participated in the spelling bee that they had going on and spelled two level 3 words (worth 15 points each) correctly. I was VERY proud of him!

Jonathan was THRILLED to be able to see Markus again. We just love his kid friendly music. We have seen him so many times that he knows us on sight now. How cool is that?

That's it for today. Hope you all had a wonderful day and that the weather cooperated for whatever activity you had planned.

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