Tuesday, June 17, 2008

BOO YA BABY!!! Photo a Day, June 17th

O.K., so it wasn't pretty...and they did wait till the last game in the round robin to pull it out of the hat...and they did have to rely on Romania losing to the Netherlands today...but they did it!!!

My Italians pulled it off and made it through to the quarter finals in the UEFA European Cup.


I taped the game so I could watch it with Scott when he got home from work and watched the Netherlands/Romania game this afternoon.

I was REALLY annoyed at the announcers of the Netherlands/Romania game because they were telling the viewers what was going on in the Italy/France game. So, I knew ahead of time what the outcome would be. It didn't make for a very exciting game but at least it was fun to watch. Scott knew Italy had won because he said I was WAY too calm when he got home from work; if they had lost I would have been FUMING - LOL!

You should have seen the kids as I was watching the game this afternoon. At one point they ran for cover as I was cheering VERY loudly for the Netherlands (had Romania won, the Italians would have been out no matter the outcome of their game against France). The Dutchmen pulled it off and now Italy goes through.

They play Spain this coming Sunday at 2:45 pm...so, umm....yeah...don't call me! LOL!

See you all tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!

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