Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lilac SHRUBS? Photo a Day, June 4th

Yep! Didn't know they existed! But they do and their fragrance is even STRONGER than that of the lilac bush.

Because we live in high rise, we park underground. The good news is that there are "windows" (grated openings) where the fragrance comes through. So, every time I go down to the car, I smell the lilac shrubs - YUM!

Please forgive the quality of the image. My computer is acting up and for some reason not recognizing my CF card (yes, I've tried rebooting). I had to pull the images with the CF card in the camera, but that wouldn't pull the RAW images that I shot. Not sure what's up with that. So, because it wasn't in RAW, I didn't get to tweak it as much as I would have liked.

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