Monday, June 23, 2008

My kid got a plaque! Photo a Day, June 23rd

Today was Grade 8 Grad at Lauren's school. 200 + kids and a whole PILE of awards had to be handed out. It was a little long winded (what ceremony isn't), but the kids all did a GREAT job!

Before the diplomas were handed out, the parents were briefed on what the kids had been told at the rehearsal on Friday, "Shake, take and smile". The parents were instructed to "Wait, snap and retreat". It was hysterical. Each of the kids came forward when their name was called, shook hands with their teacher, took their diploma and turned with a cheesy smile to face the parent taking the photograph. SO funny!

In between the handing out of the diplomas, awards were handed out. The kids weren't told in advance who was winning the awards. Lauren won the music award for the core students. WOOT!

That's my girl! Looking TOTALLY stunning...and WAY too grown up!

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Barbara said...

she does look so grown up. Congrats to her and you on her award. What a proud moment for all of you.

Christyne (aka Apple Blossom) said...

Thanks Barb! It was quite a night...funny thing was, at the beginning of the evening, the kids were reminded that applause were fine but that shouting, whooping, etc were not.

Who do you think was the first one to let out a whoop when her name was called? Uh...yeah...that would be me - YIKES!