Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Five Days a Week - Photo a Day, June 3rd

This is what I do:

And it's starting to pay off too! While I haven't seen a whole lot of weight loss (only about 5 lbs), I am starting to see some results in inches lost and my waist is starting to reappear - WOOT!

I have a goal of 2 dress sizes by Vegas. Scott is taking me to Las Vegas at the end of July and I want to be down 2 dress sizes. I'm confident I can do it, so GO ME!!! BTW, does anyone know how many pounds equals a dress size???

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DRya said...

that's terrific congrats! and good luck! to answer your question it's not necessarily pounds you want to lose so much as fat your main goal would be what your doing and that is toning yourself. remember muscle weighs more then fat so if your pounds are really depleting but you're becoming more shapely that's a good thing.Good luck and have fun in Vegas!