Friday, June 27, 2008

Busy Day - Photo a Day, June 27th

Whew! What a busy day we had! We had to be up fairly early to make our way downtown to Sick Kids.

No, we didn't have any appointments (though we did stop in and see Marilyn). We were there by special invitation for a super special event!

On our way downtown, we saw this:

Had to laugh as we had just been talking about how "soccer" is really "football" everywhere except North America where "football" is called "soccer" and "football" is "American Football". Lauren was saying how rugby isn't for weenies like those who play "American Football" and wear all that padding - LOL!

When we got to Sick Kids, we popped in to see Marilyn as we always do. Besides, that woman has eyes EVERYWHERE and she would know if we had been at the hospital and hadn't come to at least say, we kinda have to...not that it's a chore or anything because she is just SO sweet! This time, we brought her some DELICIOUS orange poppy seed cookies that we made yesterday. Try the recipe - YUMMY!

Then we headed to the Rotunda for a little reception before heading into the Hollywood Theatre for a special screening of Kung Fu Panda. Even if you don't have kids, go see this movie - SO cool!

Here's Lauren wearing her "press pass" hat:

We were all given Sick Kids stickers to identify us as those who were attending the show. I suggested Lauren put hers on her hat so that it looked like a press pass.

The movie was absolutely amazing and everyone LOVED it! The Hollywood Theatre was renamed the "John and Myrna Daniels Hollywood Theatre" for their generous donation which will go towards the upkeep of the theater and also ensure that the movies being played in the theatre will be seen by kids in their room at the same time. This will allow children who can't leave their rooms to enjoy the same movies being played in the theatre. How cool is that???

We finished off the day with our first summer trek to Ontario Place. We always buy summer passes and today was the last day to do it on the cheap. We were only there for a couple of hours, but the kids enjoyed the benefits of no lines, no waiting and riding their favourite rides as much as they wanted. On some rides, they didn't even have to get off until they had had enough.

Colin and Jonathan enjoyed going on Cyclone together:

That's it for today! I'm tired! Thanks for stopping by!

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