Monday, June 2, 2008

Photo a Day in May

O.K., so it's not May...and I'll admit, it definitely sounds nicer when it rhymes, but what are you gonna do? May got away from me...and while many of my blogging friends did a "Photo a Day in May", I'm hoping to pull off the same in June.

So, the pic for June 1st wasn't mine, but it was taken on the first, so I'm counting it - LOL! (Pic of DD in the post below this one)

Today, you get this one:

Lilacs have to be my absolute FAVOURITE bloom (Apple Blossoms are a VERY close second!) and since we live in a high rise condo, I don't have any. BUT, there are some growing on the grounds and you can be sure that when we buy a house (soon!) that one of the first plants going into the backyard will be a lilac bush! The colour matters not, I just LOVE the fragrance! It's a shame they don't bloom for longer, so I enjoy them while I can.

Hope you had a GREAT day and thanks for stopping by!

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