Saturday, June 14, 2008

29 and holding - Photo a Day, June 14th

Today's my birthday! I decided that I like being 29 - teehee! Of course, that would mean that I had my eldest when I was a mere 16 years old. Not inconceivable mind you, but highly unlikely!

I think I'm going to adopt my dad's philosophy of celebrating the anniversary of a certain birthday. He chooses to celebrate the anniversary of his 39th birthday.

Me? I'm not so fond of being 39, so I'm going to celebrate the 10th anniversary of my 29th birthday. Doesn't that sound much more appealing???

Jonathan made me a "paper present" on which he drew a sun, some rain, a lightning bolt (we had a storm last night) and a moon. Scott got me some gift cards to my favourite spa and my favourite movie of all time (the Princess Bride). Jonathan wasn't happy that I didn't have anything to unwrap from him. He was SO sad!

Scott had to go out and pick up some ingredients for the quiche I requested as a birthday dinner, so I asked him to "secretly" pick up some President's Choice chocolate (same as Toblerone) and have Jonathan give that to me as a gift. Besides, I bought some fresh strawberries at the farmers market yesterday, so a fondue seemed like a good idea.

Scott brought it home and Lauren helped Jonathan wrap it. Then he took some paper, a marker and a glue stick and added his own touch to the wrapping. So darn cute and TOTALLY made me cry.

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