Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Canada Day

So, my friend Kim is thinking about doing a photo a day for 365 days - QUITE ambitious! But hey, if she's willing to give it a shot, then I figure I can do it too.

Today was Canada Day and we celebrated by doing what we often do on Canada Day - we went to Ontario Place. We got there fairly early (it was before noon, anyway - LOL!) and Scott got a great parking spot which was a HUGE benefit as we were leaving.

We did the park from one end to the other and back again and even popped over to the CHIN International picnic for good measure (wasn't as good as it was in years past, so we might as well have just skipped it) where I got pirogies for dinner (YUM!).

Because there wasn't much in "international" food to be had (Lauren was hoping for sushi or at the very least Chinese) , after we got my pirogies, we headed back across to Ontario Place to take advantage of the Pizza Pizza offer they have there (XL pizza and 4 pops for just over $20) as it's the cheapest thing going.

We had a great evening and REALLY enjoyed the fireworks.

Now we're home and it's almost midnight (unheard of as we usually get AWFUL parking and never make it home before 1 a.m.). Before heading off to bed, I had to show you this:

Scott snapped it just before Colin and I got on the Wilderness Adventure ride and got our shoes REALLY wet (lots of water sloshing around the bottom of the boat). The ride was great...I screamed for effect and Colin had a BLAST!

Thanks for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

no matter how much you think about photography or buy fancy equipment or anything, the truly cherished shots are back-focused, blurry, dark or incurably red-eyed. It's just fate. At my friend's grandmother's funeral she took me around to all the photo displays, skipped every pro shot and pointed out how much she loved ever photographically crumby shot... c'est la vie

Kim said...

Since you've been cheering me on so much, it's my turn now! Go, Cristine, Go, Christine!!! Thanks for your support....I'm finally having fun again taking photos!

Christyne (aka Apple Blossom) said...

Thanks Kim! We're doing great and I know we're both having a blast! I love looking for cool things to photograph!