Sunday, June 15, 2008

BPS and Father's Day - Photo a Day, June 15th

I played with paper!

I completed the first LO in Baker's Dozen over at BPS. It's pretty simple, but I like it...and hey it's done! That's four more photos out of a box an onto a page.

For Father's Day, Scott wanted to do whatever he felt like. That meant I took the kids to archery (not a problem) and he stayed in pyjamas doing what he never gets to do - play video games.

Before I left to take the kids to archery, I left some post it notes around the house. One said good morning, another to head into the kitchen and still another that said, "Need a jolt? Turn me on (teehee!)" that was pasted to the coffee maker (already filled and ready to go). He really liked that one.

When we got home from archery, I offered to make breakfast/brunch/lunch for him, but he had already decided what he wanted and was making it for himself.

For the rest of the afternoon, he played video games. We all pretty much just did our own thing...which was O.K. with everyone. I got to do a LO and the kids were engaged in their own activities.

I made a roast beef for dinner, complete with roast potatoes (Scott's favourite), green beans, baby carrots and gravy. Oh! And Yorkshire pudding even! Go me - LOL!

It's almost time for bed, so one last pic:

He's still having fun!

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