Friday, October 3, 2008

Update on the Chocolate Chip Cookies

Michael was thrilled and he remembered that I would have them for him today (SO sweet!) and all the other kids loved them too and wanted to eat them right away but were all told they had to wait till after lunch.

I found out from Michael's mom (her name is Suzie, BTW) that Toopi and Binoo were going to be at Sherway Gardens today (nearby mall), so Jonathan and I headed out for that as soon as I picked him up from the bus stop.

When we got to Sherway Gardens, we were walking to the food court and who should we spy but MARKUS! HOW COOL and what a NICE surprise!

We enjoyed the show and Jonathan got to hang out with Olivia and Michael which was nice. I didn't have my camera, so no pics...but as Scott pointed out, "Don't you have enough pictures of Markus?"

Ummm...yeah...I guess I do - LOL!

We're off to the Argos football game...we're playing the BC Lions, so we'll probably lose.

Thanks for stopping by!

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