Monday, October 27, 2008

Colin's Birthday Party

Colin turned 10 this year. How did that happen? If you figure it out, could you let me know? Oh...and do it QUICK because Lauren is about to turn 14 and I am TOTALLY clueless where that came from - YIKES!

He wanted to have a swimming party, so that's what we did. We headed out to our community pool and enjoyed a swim for about an hour and a half. Just before the swim ended, Scott went out to get pizza to feed the masses.

The boys enjoyed pizza, drinks and chips before having birthday cake.

Ahhh...the cake...(bad mommy moment coming up). There are always lots of cake on display at the grocery stores and I was under the mistaken impression that you could actually BUY the display cakes. Turns out I was wrong - OOPS! So Scott went out in the morning to buy a cake and had to buy a pre-made cake...with roses on it - YIKES!

The plan was to take the roses off before we served the cake, but we weren't quite sure how to go about that, so we left them on. Turns out the roses were a HUGE hit and the boys were thrilled to each get one for that added sugar boost - UGH!

I carved a 10 into the cake with the knife and it was a big hit!

After cake came presents...then, as a favour to the parents of the boys, I had them play tag and run around for about 15 minutes before they were picked up...of course, I did send them home with goodies bags that were full of sugar - LOL!

Colin asked his friends how they would "rate" his party on a scale of 1 to 10 and they all said "10", so I guess everyone had a great time.

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