Monday, October 27, 2008

Scott's Birthday - October 16th

October 16th was Scott's birthday.

I decided to get creative with his birthday goodies...

So, I bought Pop Shoppe Pop (12 bottles), because that's the pop he used to drink as a teenager, back when there actually WAS a Pop Shoppe in Montreal. Did you know that Pop Shoppe is a Canadian company and that they have been around since 1969?

We had a BLAST reading all the "funnies" on the sides of the bottle, like "I know you are but what am I?" and "My dad is bigger than your dad!". Things we used to say on the playground as kids - HYSTERICAL!

I made him a box of Hershey Nuggets and spelled out "I love you" with rubber stamps (now he doesn't want to eat them - LOL!)

They boys bought him his two favourite chocolate bars (Coffee Crisp and Wunderbar) and I bought him an almond croissant. I also bought him a new umbrella (he needed a new one), some bottle caps candy (another flashback) and baked him a giant chocolate chip cookie.

For dinner we had Chicken Carbonara - one of his favourite dinners.

We capped off the night with a "Sing Star" party by his choice...and a good time was had by all!

Here's a pic of all his goodies! Don't mind the mess on the rest of the table...I was busy creating!

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