Tuesday, September 2, 2008

They're going baaaaa-aaaaacccckkkkkk!

Sing it with me: "It's the MOST wonderful time of the year!" C'mon, you know darn well you want to sing along!

While I love summer vacation as much as the next person, by about the 2nd week of August it starts getting OLD! This year was no exception. We had a busy July, filled with traveling and visiting friends; but as July turned to August, the lack of routine started to get stale.

By late last week, I was counting seconds and wanting to throttle children (not really on the throttling), so today I was more than happy to pack them all off.

Of course, not quite all of them have been packed off...Jonathan is still home with me for today and tomorrow as he starts back on Thursday. They stagger the kindergarten starts at his school and his back to school day is Thursday. We did go into school today to drop off his "indoor shoes" as well as a complete change of clothes for...well...just in case; he is only 5, of course.

So, today I sent my girl off to high school - she's in grade 9 now...how did THAT happen! She's going to a Catholic school (we're not Catholic, but she can still attend that school) and looks darn cute in her uniform!

*Note* Yes, I know there's a shadow behind her...no time to set up a decent "shoot" at 7:45 a.m. as she's walking out the door.

Colin went off to grade 5 - again, how did THAT happen? He'll be ten next month...then I'll just have my little man in the single digits.

Not one to be left out, Jonathan wanted a "first day of school" picture taken even though this isn't technically his first day...still stinkin' cute! (Yes, that's a scrape on his chin. See yesterday's post for the reason.)

Scott was showing off and generally being a smart ass, so I snapped his pic too and promptly informed him that it would make it to my blog. Let's see how long it takes him to figure it out and retaliate - BAHAHAHAHA!!! He says he has some pictures of my behind that he's going to put on his blog...uhhhh...he doesn't have one!

O.K., so with that lovely image...I'll "see" you all tomorrow! Thanks for stopping by!

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