Friday, September 5, 2008

The Journey to Perpetual Happiness - Musings, some pics and my "to-do" list

Yesterday, I started on a Journey to Perpetual Happiness. I'm taking a class (as I mentioned) over at BPS. I identified my flip switch - a good face day - and it was a pretty good day. I started reading "Excuse me, Your Life is Waiting" and I'm quite enjoying it. It talks about the power of feelings and how much they can influence your life. I guess I always knew that, but I needed someone to put into words for me. The class at BPS is doing that. Our instructor, Lisa, has already been wonderful and yesterday was only day one.

For me, this journey is about being the best wife and mom that I can be. This is what I chose to do, my "profession", and I want to be happy doing what I chose to do. I don't want to wake up each morning dreading what the kids will get up to that will make me crazy. I want to get up each morning smiling and wondering what fun we can all create together. I want to go to bed each night knowing that I did the best I could with what I had, that I was the best mom and wife today.

I created my journal (got a sketch book and altered it) and my scrapbook album cover for the class. I've already started writing in the journal and the idea is to identify a flip switch for every day (something that you can think of that will create "happy thoughts" whenever you start feeling negative) and write about that and any other thoughts you have through out the day. I have never been a consistent journaler, but I'm hoping this class will be the push I need, because the little bit of writing I did today made me feel SO much better!

Here's a picture of the front of my journal/sketch book:

This is the front of the scrapbook album:

As for my to do list, I accomplished everything that I wanted to do yesterday afternoon: finished the cover to my scrapbook album, did the ironing, identified my flip switch for the day (albeit a little late in the day). I even managed to squeeze in cleaning the bathroom (thus eliminating it from my to do list today) and get dinner on the table before 6 p.m. So...ummm...yeah...GO ME!!!

So, my "to do" list for today is this:
  • Do a load of laundry – DONE! (washed, dried, folded AND put away)
  • Vacuum the dining room/living room/bedrooms (my kingdom for some hard wood/laminate floors!) – DONE! (Well, I did the living room/dining room/front hall – the bedrooms can wait, and I’m O.K. with that!)
  • Wash the kitchen floor
  • Make pizza dough for home made pizza dinner – DONE!
  • Pick up Jonathan from bus – DONE!

  • Beer Store to return bottles/buy Kilkenny for Scott – DONE!
  • Mall to pick up some pics - Skipped! Not enough time...and not like I don't have enough pics to scrap anyway - LOL!
  • Pick up Lauren at school – DONE!
  • Pick up friend (second daughter) Heather at her school – DONE!
  • Back home to make pizza (at least the dough will already be done) – DONE!
  • Have a "book covering party" with the girls
  • Collapse into bed
Hang out with me today and watch me cross things off with a smile on my face!

My flip switch for today is that I got everything done on my "to do" list from yesterday. That ought to motivate me to keep going on what I need to get done today. WOOHOO!

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