Sunday, September 7, 2008

Flip Switch # 3

Today's flip switch is the flowers that Scott brings home for "just because". They always make me happy when I get them and even make me happy just thinking of them!

Today our assignment was to write out a "dump list". It's a list that acknowledges that unpleasant things have happened in our lives, but that now it's time for us to let them go...

I had a little trouble with this one. I know what I need to let go but that dang "mama guilt" isn't letting me. So...for right now, the list is pretty short so I need to work on that. Our instructor said that if need be, we should let it sit for a bit. I'm O.K. with least for a few days, then the perfectionist in me will want to get it done so I can keep up with the course. Without the dump list, tomorrow's exercise is going to be near impossible, so that will have to wait too...

I need to get around to scanning my "I am someone who..." layout so I can post it.

Maybe tomorrow...I'm such a procrastinator!

Thanks for stopping by!

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