Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Law of Attracttion - 1; Cranky Teenaged Daughter - 0

Yesterday, Scott and I had appointments at two different places at the same time. He was a bit early for his, I was a little late for mine, but it all worked out.

We left DD in charge (something we do on a regular basis as she is old enough to handle the responsibility for a couple of hours) and off we went.

Yesterday, I was having a fabulous day - positive energy, happy thoughts, got lots done, the whole nine yards. DD - not so much. She was cranky because there are some kids in her academic math class that should really be in applied math, it was hot...a whole number things. She was just all around miserable.

Colin was having a GREAT day (coming off making cookies with mom) as he was chosen to be a bus patroller for his school. Today he goes for training at the Peel Childrens Safety Village.

So...back to yesterday. Scott and I are in the car on our way to our appointments and not 5 minutes into the drive (I kid you not!), Lauren is on the phone because Colin is freaking out that he can't call Scott if he sees a song he wants to buy in the Sing Store for the PS3 (we got Sing Star last week, but that's a whole other post).

Colin is cranky because he's feeding off Lauren's bossy/cranky mood, which makes Lauren more cranky and so it goes. YIKES!

When I was home and in my good/up mood, Colin was fine. Happy mom, happy kids and so on...except for Lauren who categorically REFUSED to have any kind of positive thought in her head. I even suggested one:

"You're upset because you can't learn in math class because there are kids there who should be in another class. Instead of thinking all the time about how much it sucks that these kids are there, why don't you start thinking that you would really like an environment in which you can learn."

Nope...she was having NONE OF IT! The teacher is supposed to be talking to the board in the next few days to see about moving the kids that are having trouble out of academic math into applied math. If Lauren starts and keeps thinking positive thoughts, I believe that it is more likely to happen (like attracts like). But if she keeps thinking that it sucks, she's just going to get more of the same - a sucky situation.

I've ALREADY seen the effects of the Law of Attraction in my behaviour and in those around me, so I KNOW it's true and that it works...but in her stubborn teenage ways, she refuses to pay attention.

Oh well...I'm just going to keep staying positive and not let her crankiness/negativity affect me...that'll teach her - LOL!

Oh! And if you're wondering what my flip switch is for today, it's the wonderful rainbow DH and I saw on our way home after our appointments yesterday. Too bad I didn't have the camera.

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