Friday, July 4, 2008

What's for dinner?

Over here we had Summertime Risotto (minus the tomatoes), Tequila Lime Chicken and fresh (pop 'em out of the pods and eat 'em like candy) peas. OH YEAH!

I diced up some zucchini to add to the risotto:

That got sauted with some onion and garlic in a little bit of EVOO (that's Extra Virgin Olive Oil), then pureed (I know, that sounds REALLY gross, but you can't even tell when it gets mixed in with the risotto). And I got this:

Mario Batali has one, Rachael Ray has one, Gordon Ramsay has one...and now...I HAVE ONE! Today I bought my very own microplane...or you could call it a hand held grater...or a rasp...whatever...I now have one - WOOT!

I used it tonight to grate the garlic right into the pan...but then, I had the oil on too high and burnt the garlic a touch...perhaps I shouldn't have had that glass of wine - LOL!

I've had this fascination with risotto, since I saw it on Pioneer Woman's Blog. I figured it had to be yummy, because Ree doesn't make yucky stuff (trust me on this). She has LOTS of other good stuff on her blog (pico de gallo and guacamole to name a couple). Now I like Parmesan cheese as much as the next person, but I wasn't so sure I'd like it as the main ingredient in risotto, so I went in search of some other recipes.

I had some scallops that I wanted to use, so I found the risotto on RecipeZaar that I used tonight. It was yummy, but not as creamy as I would have liked it to be, but oh well! Scott liked it too, so it's all good!

And this is what our plates looked like:

And yes...I realize I still need to get new plates if I'm going to keep photographing's on my to do list. Lauren came by and said "Nice plating, Mom". Think we watch too many cooking shows? LOL!

Hope your dinner was yummy too! Thanks for stopping by!

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