Monday, July 7, 2008

Sticky PLUS! Humiditiy calls for a trip to the splash pad!

It's getting H-O-T, HOT here in Southern Ontario. And hot in Southern Ontario almost ALWAYS means humidity - YUCK!

The humidity started kicking in today as the temp climbed to about 30 degrees celcius (that's 86 Fahrenheit for my American friends) and that didn't even take into account the humidex factor - ICK!

So, after lunch we headed over to the splash pad and what a relief! You know it's starting to get really hot when the splash pad starts to fill up. When we went last week, we were practically the only ones there. Not the case this week!

The boys had a blast running around and getting soaked, making sure all the fountains were operational and staying cool.

Colin always seems to be the one to make sure all the fountains are working...I guess he likes being in charge.

Jonathan seems to get cold before his brother does (understandable, considering), so he usually hangs out with me (wrapped up in a towel) for the last 10 minutes or so before it's time to head home. Even though he gets cold faster, he still has just as much fun!

On another note...there are only 21 more sleeps until DH and I head to Las Vegas - WOOT!

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barb said...

Oh wow, I LOVE that water photo! Very very cool. And how awesome for you to be headed to Vegas! Have a GREAT time. :D