Thursday, July 3, 2008

Photo a Day - Hmmmm...

So far, I'm not doing so great at that...then again, not much wild and exciting is going on.

Yesterday, I took the kids to Jack Darling Park and forgot the camera. I could have gone back for it, but decided to leave it behind and just enjoy the afternoon rather than trying to see it through the lens of my camera.

Today, I spent the better part of the day with my finger in a glass of ice water as I burned it while making pancakes this morning - not conducive to photographing much.

True...the day is not over and I could still take a picture...but of what???

Oh wait! I know...hang on...

My first finished crossword:

For the past two weeks or so, I have been attempting to complete the crossword in the daily paper. Attempting is the key word here people.

Today, for the first time since I started doing these things, I finished it! I've come close a couple of times (one last section that I couldn't quite get), but today I did it...and lucky you! You're here to witness it and share my excitement! GO ME! True, I made some mistakes but I realized the error of my ways and eventually found all the right words.

Thanks for stopping by!

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