Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Woefully behind...

...on this photo a day thing. In fact, yesterday, I took the peeps to Ontario Place and didn't even take the camera - I know! SHOCKING!

We got to see Markus which was pretty cool...especially since he knows us by sight now. I wonder if he thinks we're stalking him? LOL! He was hanging out with Bob the Builder - always a hit with the preschool/5 year old set. But, no pics. I have a bunch of those...plus, I think we're going back this coming Monday anyway...Jonathan wants another CD!

On the 13th of July, I snapped this:

I didn't have my tripod out, so that's why it's blurry. It was pretty cool though...the moon was just about orange and it looked pretty awesome with the little bit of cloud cover.

On the countdown to Vegas front, Scott and I have decided to shave a day off it since we are planning on overnighting in Montreal on the Sunday to avoid having to get up at the crack of dawn to be at the airport on Monday morning. That means there are only 12 more sleeps till Vegas.

So, next Sunday (the 27th), I'll be shuttling the kids to Halifax to stay with their Nanny and Grampy and then meeting up with Scott in Montreal where we'll be staying at the Hilton before heading off to Las Vegas where we'll be staying here:

I'm hoping that I'll be able to do some blogging while there so I can update you (y'know, all three of you - LOL!) on what we're up to. We definitely plan on hitting Coyote Ugly so I can dance on the bar and Toby Keith's Bar...just 'cause!

Thanks for stopping by!

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