Friday, April 11, 2008

Today's lesson - Shutter Speed

Could have done with some better light but since we live in an apartment with no window in the's just not to be! Love this whole shutter speed thing - WAY cool! This was such a fun lesson! The higher the shutter speed, the faster the action stops - EXCELLENT!

The only problem is, I'm going to need a bigger CF card if I keep shooting in RAW - LOL! Oh birthday is coming up...teehee!


Anonymous said...

you shoot in RAW? lol, I know pro photographers that don't shoot in raw (on that note, google the [B] school blog). You live in mississauga- send your hunni to tiger direct. They have the best prices on name brand memory.

Christyne (aka Apple Blossom) said...

I shoot RAW and JPG, but I like RAW better...more tweaking options available!

Honey knows all about Tiger Direct - LOL! He gets all our memory there...