Friday, April 4, 2008

Assignment 1B - Second Attempt (the real deal) - Nothing but Net

Now THIS is what I was supposed to be doing...compound mask, brush and title, semi-transparent journaling block...

I even added the blended photo as a background (learned that in the last class of Now We're Rockin') and used it on this layout too. Check it's in the bottom left hand corner.

And...I went looking on the net and found that awesome pic of the basketball net in the top right hand corner on which I lowered the opacity and feathered the left and bottom edges to make it look like it was part of the paper!

So, lucky you! You get two posts in one day!

Now, I'm off to start on a quote book Jessica assigned yesterday so that I can get that done before she throws ANOTHER assignment at us tomorrow - YIKES! (but secretly loving every minute of it!)

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