Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Assignment 3A - This is Me

WHOA! You thought you had to hang on to your socks last week? This week, you better hang on to your pants too! The things Jessica had us doing this week were out of this world...no really...I'm sure they've mastered this stuff in another universe and Jessica gets her information from little green men.


For Assignment 3B we have to complete the second page of this layout. Some of the peeps in the class are doing it off to the right (thereby completing the circle) and others are doing it off to the left with another collection of little photos. I think that's what I'll do...I like the idea of another 10 or so little pictures to finish this off...I'm seeing one of DH, one of the friends that I crop with...Oh the possibilities!

Next week, when we do lesson 4 I'm going to need someone standing next to me because I fully expect to faint dead away with each new task...

Thanks for stopping in! Have a great Digi week!


Barbara said...

You are really rocking these digi layouts! Way to go.

Christyne said...