Sunday, April 20, 2008

From my stash

I didn't realize I hadn't shared this one yet! And it's just to darn cute to pass up! We were celebrating Scott's birthday, but Jonathan just HAD to be part of the action. Love, love, LOVE this photo of the two of them - PERFECT!

Kellie Mize - Tortuga Template # 14, Staples
Sara Carling - Red Paper (Dinner Party)
Tia Bennet - Make a Wish seal
Katie Pertiet - Black Paper (BOO! Collection) and Yellow paper (Catch a Rainbow Collection)

I'm trying to get something else up for you later on too...the problem is - UGH! I'm running low on disk space and can't save the darn layout! It's making me NUTS!!!! I need to save it as PSD file (Photoshop's format) before I can do anything else with it. Yes, we have a 250 GB hard drive and yes, it's running out of space - YIKES! Too much digi stuff...that's what it is.

So, be patient...and you'll soon find out why at the bottom of my posts it says Christyne (aka Apple Blossom).

Thanks for stopping by!

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