Thursday, April 10, 2008

Assignment 2A - Hang on to your socks!

The things we learned in this class were totally over the top! But then...I wouldn't expect any less from Jessica. She is completely and TOTALLY amazing! She inspires me on a daily basis and I love her for it!

For this layout, we recoloured papers, created a custom brush in order to create our very own patterned paper, texturized the paper (to make it look like Bazzill - I KNOW! TOTALLY COOL!), learned how to make a custom shadow to make our journaling block look like it curled off the page...but the BEST part...the absolute BEST PART was learning how to blend two photos without a seam...SERIOUSLY cool!

If you haven't experienced the wonderful world of Jessica Sprague, you REALLY should. Go, go now to and soak in her awesome-ness! (is that even a word? LOL!)

You can follow along with the challenges on the General Forum and post your layouts in the challenge gallery or even head over to her blog The Sprague Lab and try out her Photoshop Friday tutorials. I'll love her just as much as I do...well...O.K., maybe not as MUCH as I do (that would be near impossible), but you'll just love her - I know you will!

Thanks for stopping in today!

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Anonymous said...

I love that picture from september. It really catches his personality. I don't think i'm ever really getting into digi scrapping but I do love photo editing.