Saturday, December 22, 2007

What's that? Did you hear that?

Was that the sound of a paper trimmer? The soft click of the revolution being used? Was it? couldn't be, could it? couldn't be, because she's a digi scrapper now. She is isn't she? That's what she said...then it couldn't be...but IT IS!!!

Yes! It's true! I've created my first paper page in months! I don't remember the last time I played with paper and wasn't making a card.

I was looking for something to create today...looking through card magazines for some inspiration. Nothing jumped out at me and I didn't feel like doing anything digital. So, I thought I'd pull out my box of photos and go from there. On the way to the box of photos, I found a sketch book of sorts with ideas I've collected over the years. Then I came across these 5 pictures with a sketch attached that I'd been meaning to get to before I started digi scrapping.

So...I thought I'd give it a shot! Pulled out some Stampin' Up! cardstock and Stampin' Up! paper and went to town...I even dragged out my acrylic stamps for good measure and to add something more to the cardstock. Even my revolution got to come out and play!

It's pretty simple by MANY standards (even mine, I think) but I had fun...guess this means I am not completely over my love of paper - LOL!

Thanks for visiting!

P.S. No, I have no idea what that giant scratch on Jonathan's head is...I can't remember how it got there...these pictures are at the very least 18 months old...

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