Thursday, August 7, 2008

We interrupt the Vegas Chronicles to bring you...


We didn't make it here:

when we were in Las Vegas. We tried...but my gosh! There were just not enough hours in the day! I had to take a picture of the sign anyway...well...just 'cause.

But yesterday, Scott was on Red Flag Deal (a kick butt forum/community where members scope out deals and share them with everyone on the site) and discovered this:

was available at Costco for the paltry price of $149.99 which is 1/2 off the US price of $299.99. So, off we went to Costco to purchase the "Margaritaville Frozen Concoction Maker". Oh yeah!

Today, I went out to get supplies to use our new appliance! I'm waiting for Scott to get home to make the good stuff but the boys wanted slushies this afternoon, so I set to making those.

First, I put the juice into the blender part:

And then added ice to the tray in the top:

Oh yeah! This thing crushes/shaves the ice for you...gotta love that!

And then I hit the switch and this happened:

Yep! That's ice you see falling into the juice in the blender. How cool is that? And then it started whirring away and we had slushies!

All with just one push of a's all automatic! And do you see those little fishies down at the bottom of our cool new toy? Those little fishies show you the progress of your beverage being made...when all the fishies are lit up, your drink is ready to enjoy - WOOHOO!!!

Must go buy a bag of ice tonight as the two trays that Scott made yesterday were quickly used up in making slushies this afternoon.

Can't wait to try mixing some good stuff later on tonight!

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