Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Vegas Chronicles - Vancouver to Las Vegas

I think this is BY FAR the fastest I have EVER got an album started after a vacation.

San Francisco in January? Ummm...yeah...not done...

Montreal in March? Yep...got that one done...took me 3 1/2 months and gave it to DH on July 7th - PATHETIC!

Alaska in May? Haven't even begun to EDIT those pictures yet, let alone put them onto a page and start an album - YIKES!

Las Vegas is going much better...though I think I need to ask Scott to stop taking me away every two months so I can get caught up...yeah...right...like that's gonna happen - LOL!

I've got the pages saved in 12 X 12 (should I decide to go that route) and also in 8 X 8, so that the next time Loblaws or Superstore has a special on 8 X 10 (usually 49 cents) I can print them all up and have an album ready to go.

Today, I worked on the Vancouver to Las Vegas portion of the album. I used the same background colour because I expect to put the pages side by side.

All elements Kellie Mize

Thanks for following along with the Vegas Chronicles!

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