Monday, January 14, 2008

OOPS! Guess I'm not just a little bit behind...

...but a LOT behind - LOL!

Been a little (O.K., A LOT) busy on the home front trying to deal with things that have come up in recent past.

THRILLED to say that choices have been made and they are good choices, sound choices.

Also thrilled to say that while we have been dealing with all of this stuff, I have started hitting the gym again and today FINALLY broke through the 180 lb. mark - WOOT!!!! Onward and upward...or is that downward - LOL! Gotta keep it going! I tell you that one goal reached is SUCH a great motivation! Scott is SO proud of me too...he's been great at supporting me in all of this. Love that man of mine!

Not sure if there will be any LO's in the next few days as I plan a short trip out of town, but I will be coming back strong after I return!

Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

marybeary said...

so what are these choices you are talking about and congrats on breaking through that weigh mark. High Fives. Oh and I finally updated the blog so now you can stop harassing me. lol totally kidding

love you