Friday, January 4, 2008

Daily Something...

This is YESTERDAY's Daily Something...

I don't like taking pics of cards, etc in artificial light, so my solution was to wait till this morning.

This is just a simple set I created, although it won't likely be given as a set...I just had paper handy that matched and used a "recipe" from one of my Paper Crafts magazines.

The close up of the one card (Birthdays are the Best) will be given to Jonathan's and Colin's godmother who has a birthday coming up tomorrow.

Now...I have to go play Laundry Goddess (yes, even Divine Goddesses sometimes get demoted - LOL!) before I can create something today...I have something special in mind for someone EXTRA special, so I may not be able to share it with you, because I want it to be a surprise and I know he sometimes reads my blog. Guess that means I may have to create TWO somethings every day in order to work on my special project and still have something to share with you everyday!

Thanks for stopping by!

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marybeary said...

wow those card are amazing. One day I will follow this trend...when we are rich and