Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Roses and Chocolate

This year for Mother's Day, I got roses (and lobster and chocolate - WOOT!)

Now, I'm not normally a big fan of roses because they don't last nearly long enough for the price you pay...but these were GORGEOUS! Sweetheart roses...they didn't make it through the week, but I did manage to get a GREAT shot (IMO) of one in full bloom. Gotta love shooting in Aperture Priority mode for those real up close and personal shots...

DH always scores big when it comes to flowers...he picks bouquets that still have a few buds left on them to make sure they last longer. Yep! I got me one of the good ones...y'all can just eat your hearts out - LOL!

And my darling DD bought me a # 1 MOM piece of dark chocolate (she pays attention) as well as a chocolate coconut bomb (I think that's what she said it was called), which I ate before I took a picture - sorry!

Up next: My chocolate brownies - YUM!

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