Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

How did you celebrate it? Did you spend time with your mom? Are you a mom yourself?

I got to sleep in. Of course, I do this EVERY Sunday as DH takes the kids to archery lessons. Jonathan doesn't take lessons, but he tags along with his brother and sister because he knows that in between lessons (they are an hour apart) there is always a trip to Tim Horton's for breakfast. Smart little man...lucky mom!

On their way home from archery, Scott and the kids stopped and bought what has become a mother's day tradition - LOBSTER! Lucky for me, Mother's Day usually marks the beginning of the Atlantic lobster season and that means most of the grocery stores here import them. That means I get lobster for Mother's day. And, if that wasn't enough...Scott and the kids also picked up a DIVINE chocolate cake for dessert...who could ask for more?


sleeping in - check!
three great kids - check!
one wonderful husband - check!
lobster - check!
chocolate cake for dessert - check!
one AMAZING Mother's Day - check!

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