Monday, November 23, 2009

So...I guess it's been a while, huh???

The last time I posted was over the summer...lots and LOTS has been going on since then!

We enjoyed a trip to the Mall of America (and even me who doesn't like malls all that much had a GREAT time!). The summer was busy and the kids started school! Lauren is in Grade 10, Colin is in Grade 5 and Jonathan is in Grade 1. All three kids in school full day...can you hear the silence???

In August, I met some new friends:
We met online in my fave stamping forum and then realized that we all lived within about an hour's drive of one another and decided to get together in real life! How fun is that? Lucky for me, I'm right in the middle, so we always meet in Mississauga - BONUS!!!

Teresa makes the most AMAZING jam (I've had two jars) and Karen makes natural bath and body products (divine!!!). Diana is super mom! She has four kids and two of them are just 11 months apart!

Scott and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary and I made him this card:
The cutest thing that happened on that day though, was this:
Jonathan likes to sleep on the couch sometimes, and on this morning, I came out and found his big brother cuddled up with him. Now, like brothers do, they fight and argue - A LOT! So, this photo is really special to me! I'm not sure if the boys think it's so special, but I have it now, so it's too late! LOL!

Nobody wanted their picture taken on the first day of I don't have any of those to share.

Caroline (my Stampin' UP! friend AND BFF) and I were super busy throughout all of September and October as we had 3 major events planned over a 6 week period - note to self: don't do that again!

And here were are coming up to the end of November with Christmas a mere 32 days away! Are you ready?

Thanks for stopping by!

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