Thursday, July 16, 2009

I've been cooking again!

This week in the organic veggie box, I got two small heads of Bok Choy. I had NO idea what to do with it, so once I figured out that it WAS Bok Choy (thanks Stacy!), I went searching on Recipe Zaar for something yummy! I found this recipe, but of course, had to add more goodies to it!

I started off with garlic, onion, red pepper flakes and ginger in some olive oil. I didn't have any fresh ginger, so I used ground. I recommed fresh for sure. They flavour would have been VERY different.

Unfortunately, the garlic got a touch more cooked than I like it, but it wasn't bitter, so it was OK.

Then I added some mushroom and zucchini:

which weren't in the recipe, but I have an abundance of zucchini right now, so why not?

After that cooked for a bit, I added the Bok Choy and some spinach for good measure, because really, a little extra iron never hurt anyone!

I covered the whole thing with a lid and let the Bok Choy and spinach wilt. That took about 5 minutes and I ended up with this:

Yes, I KNOW that I still haven't purchased any good plates for photographs, though my daughter did suggest that I get one white plate and one white bowl solely for photographing food!

I added some bacon bits (REAL bacon bits), because EVERYTHING is better with bacon and salt & pepper and it was just perfect!

You should try it out too...let me know what you think!

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