Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Take Your Kids to Work Day

Today, across the province of Ontario, is "Take Your Kids to Work" day. So...Lauren (in proper business attire) went to work with her dad.

She will be learning all about pilots and airplanes...and if she's REALLY lucky, she'll get to go on the flight simulator.

The kids asked if I ever went on a "Take your kids to work" day with my Dad...and you know...I honestly don't remember. I remember once or twice going to work with my dad, but not sure if it was a specific day like we have here in Ontario. I remember going to work with Dad was a blast because there were so many cool things to play with! Dad is/was a graphic artist and worked in the print industry, so there were always easels and colouring pencils and lettraset - WOOHOO!!! Maybe that's where my love for rub-ons started...hmmm...

I sent her with the point and shoot camera (digi) because while I offered the DSLR it was causing me heart palpitations this morning, so I had to rescind it. Hopefully, she will remember to take pics though I'm not sure how good they will be since the P&S was acting up and was the reason for purchasing the DSLR.

I'll let you all know how it went!

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karin said...

Hope she's having fun!

My 13yo had NO interest at all in going into Toronto and spending the day meeting famous people, LOL (Dad works in film) so he hung with his crafter mom and we did some shopping at Curry's and Michael's instead, LOL.

Christyne (aka Apple Blossom) said...

I SO would have gone into Toronto to meet famous should have called! LOL!

A trip to Michael's and Curry's sounds fun! Where is there a Curry's near you??? Tell me you didn't come all the way into Mississauga and not call me!

Karin said...

Tee hee, considering i'm sure it took dh HOURS to get to work for the second day in a row (he works in the Leslieville area which is on the other side of where the truck closed the highway today) I don't think you would have wanted to go!

There is a Curry's about 10 minutes from my house but if you can believe it, I never even knew it was there. I needed a few brown Copic's and checked the website and found them. LOVE that store! J. loves it also, he bought a few canvas' to paint for his room.

Since i'm getting tired of carting my huge Genesis trimmer around, I decided to finally break down and buy a portable trimmer for the crop this weekend, which is why we headed to Michaels with a handy dandy coupon, they are giving out 50 % off coupons on your bill if you need anything big :).

Anyways, sometime in the next couple of weeks i'll call you and we can meet for coffee in Oakville or Mississauga and i'll do a card hand off, K?

Christyne (aka Apple Blossom) said...

O.K., then...maybe not...UGH on that whole truck thing...your poor DH!

What do you pay for Copic's a Curry's? I've been eyeballing those...may have to check it out tomorrow.

Oakville for coffee and a card hand off sounds great! There is a second cup and/or Starbucks on Lakeshore near the Oakville Scrapalicious if you wanna case the joint - LOL!