Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Haunting

Yesterday was Halloween.

So, just before it got dark, we headed out. We live in a high rise condominium complex (4 buildings) and while the kids can't trick or treat throughout the buildings (how cool would THAT be?), they can go into the lobbies of each of the buildings and trick or treat there. That started off the evening on a good note as the folks handing out candy were VERY generous!

After doing the buildings, we headed across the street to the townhouses. A fair number of them were dark, so there wasn't much to be had there. I did find this cool light strand and took a picture though.

After that, we did the houses on the next couple of streets and the boys got quite the haul. I got a picture of this graveyard that looked pretty cool. It's a little blurry 'cause I was shooting in night mode (for effect) and didn't want the flash to ruin it all - no flash = slower shutter speed = slightly blurry.

Hope all your little ones had a GREAT time trick or treating and that you enjoyed imposing the candy tax. WHAT??? You don't impose a candy tax? Haven't you heard? Candy taxes are in the parents charter of rights. "They who take the little goblins out for Halloween are by law permitted to impose a candy tax".

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