Thursday, June 28, 2007

Well...that went well!

I'm surprised really...I expected both Jonathan and I to be a bumbling crying mess 5 minutes in, but NO! We did it! And he was SO brave!

For those of you who don't know, Jonathan had a dentist appointment today. He had to have a filling done and a crown put in. YIKES!

He only cried a TINY bit while they were doing the freezing...honestly, it doesn't matter how much of that pre-freezing goo they put in there, you can STILL feel the needle. But as soon as Dr. Tracie was done with the freezing part, Jonathan was able to sit on my lap and we cuddled while to freezing took hold...oh yeah! That's the other thing - SO COOL! While they are doing the procedure, I got to sit right on the dentist chair, right there with him! The chairs are full size and because the kids are SO little, they have to scoot right the way up the top, leaving lots of room for mom! He got to use my lap as a foot rester and I got to hold his hand. VERY COOL!

All told, it took just over an hour to get the filling done and the crown put in. He's SO funny...he's showing everyone the silver crown in his mouth...repeatedly! He also keeps telling me, "Hey mom! I can feel my crown!" What a cutie!

Afterwards, we had some lunch, visited his cardiac nurse, where he said, "Hey Marilyn! I got a crown!" followed by a BIG open mouth - LOL! Then, he got to pick out a treat. He chose another Webkinz...that's a whole other story.

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Princess of Cute said...

Wow, glad it went so well, it's great they let you sit in the chair with him. They should have double dentist chairs for couples!

Anonymous said...

great to hear that everything went well.