Saturday, June 23, 2007

Queen of Restraint

Brigit, Steph and I have all adopted new titles in an effort to NOT spend any more money on Scrapbooking's official, we ALL have TOO MUCH STUFF!!!

I even admitted it to DH who told me that this was, quite honestly, an addiction. And he's right...I know he is.

So, as of this moment, there will be NO (and I mean NO) scrapbook shopping for the remainder of 2007. And yes, I get that we are talking more than 6 months here.

But, I need to get this stuff outta my space and into some albums. I've got the pics, I've got the papers and I've got the albums to house at least 100 layouts. So...I'm going to do this!

Brigit and Stephanie are in this with me and I think the rest of you should be too...let's pledge to USE OUR STUFF.

The new mantra of the P's and Q's is, from this day forward, "I WILL NOT LOOK!"


The Frugal and Wise Queen, formerly known as the Enabler Queen. said...

I am only going to look a little bit but I am definately not shopping. I will not send alerts out to anyone who does not want to see new stuff. We may need support from time to time. I hope we can count on the other P's & Q's.

Princess of Cute said...

I don't want any alerts and I'm going to try and not look a two peas, but will still look at mags and borrow yours. (;

One day at a time gals!

I calculate it will take me 7 months to save up for down payment, maybe less if I get some extra income somehow.