Friday, May 8, 2009

My little Change Crusader!

Last week, on April 30th, was the Sick Kids radiothon.

The Sunday before the Radiothon, Jonathan's picture was in the newspaper (used in the advertising). His teacher saw his picture and last Tuesday Jonathan was asked to make an announcement to his entire school. I couldn't pass up this photo op:

He proudly told everyone that his picture is in lots of Sick Kids advertising and that he is even on You Tube - he is!!!

I warn you, the first part of the video is VERY sad. Jonathan appears on his Sick Kids post card near the end at about the 1:26 mark.

This week, he's been going around to each class room and reports that his change crusader bag is getting VERY heavy! I am so very proud of my little hero!

If you have children, or know someone who does, please consider giving to the Hospital for Sick Children because you never know when you might need their resources. Even a little change helps a lot.

Have a great day!

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