Monday, August 20, 2007

Uh oh! She's gone DIGI!

O.K., seriously...if you know me, you KNOW how much I love paper...could open my own store with the paper I own...despite the fact that I donate regularly to the Hospital for Sick Children.

But, I've got PSE 5.0 and thought it would be kind of fun to try some digi scrapping. I did a LO a few months ago, using just the goodies in the PSE program and a few brushes that I downloaded off some freebie websites. Not bad, I thought.

Then I went to CKC in Buffalo, and I met Jessica Sprague and Jessica Sprague signed my Computer Tricks for Scrapbookers magazine and I was SO excited and I went home and I played with my PSE 5.0 following her directions and it was SO easy!

Jessica has her own website (follow link above) where she teaches PSE classes on line - OH JOY! By the time I found out about her June class, it was already full. :( But I signed up for her newsletter and her Photoshop Friday tips and when she announced her second "Up and Running with Photoshop" class, I was ALL OVER that! Signed up the first day and waited NOT so patiently for today to be here.

And it's finally here! And look what I did! Jessica takes you through an entire tutorial with video that you can pause to do whatever the next step is...and well, it's all just FABULOUS! And I'm bummed that I have to wait an entire week to get another tutorial...Oh well! She's going to email her students every day and I hope she has some more fun assignments for us before next week...I CAN'T WAIT!!!

So, it's not a card (which I have been enarmoured with lately and will make more of today), but I hope you like it!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Queen of All that Matters. said...

Hey, nice layout! I even like the photo. Does this mean a large format printer is n your future?